If “alignment of jaws and teeth” is set by
“use [of] cutlery during formative years,”
orthodontics is sisyphean. I’m unhappy
more than I’ll admit, but what’s to blame?

What knife and fork cut up the information
fed me, shaping my mind’s jaws and teeth
to bite misaligned, and reinforced in
misalignment by tools I’ve had to use?

Our ancestors tore food with incisors,
avoiding the overbite cut meat encourages,
that top-teeth smile regarded as beautiful.
Beauty’s shaped by what we learn to expect.

I sat in the chair, pinned there by lamplight
limning …


I spent an entire year refusing
to spell “rhododendron” correctly.
About six months in, I met a woman
who refused to spell “heinous” correctly.
Together we refused to spell “The

The And

Let us begin with the and.

The and conjoins disjunctive clauses
in something less than matrimony, yes,
but no more separable than. (Take you and me.)
One famous place the and …


This Dover Thrift

edition of Voltaire’s
Candide complete
with your banal
marginalia reminds
me of a joke I once
heard: what happens
when you cross a

or was it a pheasant
with …



Where there is a Howard, there is a


How is the ard of Howard. Now, take two Howards and blend them
Into a large sugar bunny. What you will find is …