Sprawling Is For Poor People

Rich Americans Are Liking Dense, Urban Living Like Never Before, Says Alan Ehrenhalt

Americans are trading places. The more affluent are moving into city centers, and the lower classes are being displaced to the suburbs. It’s what urbanologist Alan Ehrenhalt calls a “demographic inversion.” This phenomenon, Ehrenhalt told a crowd at the Phoenix Art Museum, at an event co-presented by Arizona State University, means changing our concepts of cities, suburbs, and urban mobility.

Ehrenhalt believes that America’s cities will only become denser and more prosperous in the coming years. “This has major implications for the concept of space in American society,” he said. “We’re …

How Dense Can You Be?

Thoughts On the New Craze For More Vertical Cities


Getting out of the city used to be a common dream, but now we all love New York. Words like “dense,” “walkable,” and “transit-oriented” are enough to make even the …