Language is Not Always a Question of Logic

Some people keep artificial plants, others artificial hearts.
Some keep nothing. It does not matter. The truth of the world
has nothing to do with the real. Every day the orange-
yellow-red ball rotates around the earth.
People believed this. Also that you could
fall off the edge of the earth. Also sex with a virgin
cures both the French pox & the Portuguese disease.
Bloodletting outs the poison. Put the scalpel
to the arm, position the special bowl beneath
the wound, catch the red liquid. You could avoid the


Light over water
turned it brown,
particulate with sand

gulls fished in the light rectangle
bobbing heads, down and then back up

I had thinking about Cassandra

her dream-sorrow

done with feeding
the gulls …


Paper people in a paper land,

a paper house, crazily slanted,
a house like a child would draw:


a square, a triangle, a circle
for the sun.


Stick people stand outside the house