In California Politics, You Must Find Your Inner Terminator

Your Winning Initiative Requires More Sequels Than Governor Schwarzenegger’s Movies

Running for office in California is a tough job, but ultimately temporary. The election happens, you win or you lose, and life goes on.

But sponsoring a ballot initiative is forever.

That lesson hit home last week as I interviewed former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger during a global forum on direct democracy in Mexico City.

Californians elected Schwarzenegger governor 20 years ago this October. His second term concluded at the end of 2010. But in a very real sense, he is still governing us, for two reasons.

First, because he is a singularly relentless person, …

Let’s Split up California Into Separate States of Mind

Every Resident Should Get to Choose Their Personal Territory. Anyone for TaylorSwiftopia?

All the many dozens of proposals to split California into multiple states share the same basic defect: a foolish fixation with geography.

The new “Cal 3” ballot initiative, which would create …