Patrick Soon-Shiong

This Billionaire Brags On His Jump Shot

Biomedical innovator, businessman, and physician Patrick Soon-Shiong is the richest man in Los Angeles and a Lakers part-owner. Before talking about the coming healthcare revolution, he fielded questions in the green room about why he loves L.A., his favorite organic compound, and his signature (only?) move on the basketball court.

Will This Billionaire Save Your Life?

Biomedical Tycoon Patrick Soon-Shiong Talks With ASU’s Michael Crow About the Imminent, Hoped-For Healthcare Revolution

We’ve all heard the dismal facts about the American healthcare system: high spending, low-quality treatment, poor delivery, and spotty access. But biomedical innovator, businessman, and physician Patrick Soon-Shiong–who is also …

Can L.A. Stop Being a Slacker In Biomedicine?

The Ingredients For Supremacy Are All Here. We Just Need To Step Up Our Game-Slightly.

If you haven’t already forgotten the London Olympics, and any competitors from those games come to mind, you probably think of the big winners, like Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. …

Cough Into Your Droid, Please

What Will Change Most About Our Routine Physicals Over the Next Decade?


Going to the doctor and getting your chest bumped and your arm squeezed might feel reassuring, but the physical, like primary care physicians, is on the wane. The good news …

Don’t Mind Us Snooping Through Your Genes

What Ethical Challenge Looms Largest As Medicine Rapidly Digitizes?


Medical technology and record keeping have gotten good. A little too good. Your health secrets are shuttering about in cyberspace, vulnerable to interception by hackers. Your DNA can tell you …