Coding Is the New Literacy

Computer Science Deserves a Place in K-12 Education

If you were surfing the Internet in 2004, you wouldn’t have known that the sophisticated music hosting and stock graphics websites you stumbled upon were being run by a 12-year-old hobbyist.

I was that 12-year-old. After school, I’d prioritize building websites over doing my reading comprehension questions that were due the next day.

After being inspired by hobbyist-created music websites, I began teaching myself the coding languages HTML and CSS. Even then, I had no idea what “computer science” was. Because my middle school and high school in La Puente, a lower-income …

Your Project Will Hit a Crisis

But Luckily, If You Stay Calm, You May Also Come Up With Some of Your Best Ideas

For every big project I’ve worked on as an engineer, there came a crisis. It would happen somewhere along the design path, generally about halfway through the schedule, and it …