Democracy International’s Daniela Vancic

Barack Obama Is My Political Inspiration

Daniela Vancic is the European program manager at Democracy International. She is an expert on the European Citizens’ Initiative and is the co-author of Complementary Democracy: The Art of Deliberative Listening. Before sitting on a panel for the Zócalo event “Are Elected Presidents Bad for Democracy?”—presented in partnership with Democracy International and Metropolitan Autonomous University for the Global Forum for Modern Direct Democracy 2023—she joined us in our traveling green room to talk tacos, the Obamas, and our shared democratic future.

Fake News Won’t Kill Democracy

Digital Journalism Is Challenging Journalists and Society, but There Are Reasons to Be Hopeful for the Future

The world now confronts a bitter irony: the democratization of information has proven not to be all that good for democracy.

That provocative observation, offered by moderator and Zócalo Public Square …