Who Should Rule These Scottish Islands?

Even if All of Scotland Achieves Independence, the Archipelago of Orkney May Not Gain Sovereignty

Ten years ago a farmer was digging in his backyard in Ness of Brodgar—a village on one of the islands that makes up the Scottish archipelago of Orkney—when he came across some strange stones. They seemed to be man-made. By 2008 archaeologists had started to excavate the site on a small stretch of green land between the waters of the North Atlantic. Soon they realized they had found the most well-preserved stone houses of the Stone Age—what are now being called the First Stonehenge.

Who governed Orkney then? We don’t know. …

Why This Column Ought To Be a Picture

Californian Voters Won’t Read Thousands of Pages About Public Policy. But They Might Look at a Drawing.

To be an engaged, informed citizen in California is to be hopelessly behind in your reading.

We’re told that we need to follow the big issues in California, that we need …

The Bad Dad Who Cursed California

We’re Still Paying the Price For Hiram Johnson’s Toxic Relationship With His Father

Why is California so hard to govern? One reason is that we’re suffering from daddy issues, and this Father’s Day is as good a time as any to confront them.

The …

Arizona, Progressivism’s Love Child

A Century Ago, the State Reflected the Direct Democracy Craze

One hundred years ago, Arizona was a very different place. From 1910 to 1916, Arizona was among the most broadly democratic, pro-labor, citizen-oriented, reform-embracing states in the nation. Its new …

The Greek Dilemma

Europeans Have To Be Given a Say in Their Future

The idea of a Greek plebiscite to challenge the European debt bailout plan may be dead. But don’t exhale yet. The world will soon see more European referenda that could …

Do We Have To Take This Much Initiative?

Contemplating California’s Century of Direct Democracy

For a century, Californians have been making and unmaking laws at the ballot box thanks to direct democracy, which was instituted with the promise of leveling the state’s playing field …