California Should’ve Called the Whole Election Off

November Ballots Are Predictable and Chock Full of Stuff We Don't Care About. They Don’t Have to Be

Question: What would Californians have lost if we had canceled the election that concludes November 8?

Answer: Nothing. We might even be better off.

Our fall elections have become unnecessary at best, and dangerous to democracy at worst. Closely watching this particular November election is enough to get anyone singing that old Gershwin tune, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”

No exaggeration—this California election offers less suspense, and is certain to deliver less surprise, than the recent Chinese vote for a new Politburo Standing Committee, overseen by dictator Xi Jinping.

We all know that …

Why Are L.A. Mayoral Campaigns Getting the Candidates So Wrong?

The Bass and Caruso You Think You Know Are Based on Misperceptions. That’s a Problem for California’s Local Politics

The Los Angeles mayoral campaign has become an exercise in misinformation, clouding the public’s muddled perceptions of how municipal government actually works in this state.

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Making the California Legislature 50 Percent Female Should Be Easy

The Gender Quotas Used in European Countries Offer a Straightforward Path to Parity—and More Democracy

A few months ago, the new mayor of South Pasadena appointed 18 people to the voluntary local commissions that advise the council in the San Gabriel Valley city.

Routine? Yes, except …

Why Democracies Need the Right to Vote “No”

To Boost Participation and Promote Compromise, Taiwan and Berkeley May Let Citizens Cast Ballots Against Candidates

If we want our civic life to be more positive, we might need to vote in the negative.

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