Is It Time for Californians to Vote in Florida and Texas?

People Need Representation Not Just Where They Live—But Also Where They Have Interests

Should Floridians get to vote in California elections? Should Californians get to cast ballots in Florida?

These questions might seem strange, but they’re not. Gov. Gavin Newsom broadcast his first re-election TV ad not in California but in Florida, appealing to Floridians to either join California’s fight against the policies of Florida Republicans, or move to California. In response, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted California policies and accused Newsom of treating Californians “like peasants.”

The tussle has been dismissed as partisan trolling, and evidence of both governors’ presidential ambitions. But its import …

Dear God, Why Does Gavin Newsom Keep Picking Up California’s Trash?

A Governor, in His Devotion to Clean Up, Has Located the Essence of His Job

Is he our governor or our garbage man?

Gavin Newsom combines those roles so routinely that the picking up of trash has become a defining image of California’s chief executive. He’s …

Keep California’s Last Nuclear Plant Running

A Proposal to Retrofit San Luis Obispo's Diablo Canyon Carries Big Risks—and Big Opportunities

California can claim to be an international leader in energy.

Or California can close its last operating nuclear power plant.

But it can’t do both.

Under a 2018 agreement, Diablo Canyon Power Plant, …

Gavin Newsom at a rally.

California’s Recall Was Worth Every Penny

When It Comes to Supporting Democratic Infrastructure, $276 Million Is a Bargain

It’s hard to think of a better bargain in our high-cost state than the failed recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom. At an estimated cost of $276 million—less than $7 …

Where I Go: The Geology of Memory | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

I Should Have Recalled Myself!

The Speech and Strategy That Gov. Gavin Newsom Didn’t Know He Needed

This is the speech Gov. Gavin Newsom should have given during the recall campaign, but didn’t.

I know a lot of you think this recall is pretty strange. But you don’t …

Your Recall Confusion Is Part of a Much Bigger Problem | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Your Recall Confusion Is Part of a Much Bigger Problem

California's Elections 'Don't Match How Human Beings Think, Choose, and Vote'

It’s not just our recall elections that are broken in California. It’s all our elections that are broken.

Even before the voting started, Democrats and California elites were crying foul. And …