flower parade

oh florida
I love your rain
& venetian blinds:

red parade of tiny flowers in the pool
open yesterday closed today
blown off your stems by the storm:

dead bees float along
transparent winged
dark bodies
slivers cut from fingernails:

pistils bee food ambers
I swim the pool through petals end
to end
each time I stop to breathe
the flower parade
comes toward me as if I am a city:

street under my chin over my breasts
my broken wrist:

2 mourning doves at the rim coo
puffed chests
they jump along the edge

Ode to My Oldsmobile

Night blue, the size of a walk-in closet,
so long, it was like driving a big fish,
back seat bustle finning behind.

My parents bought if from an old couple
at …