Destination Crenshaw Lead Historian Larry Earl

I Fancy Myself Retiring and Becoming a Lounge Singer

Larry Earl is the founding lead historian for Destination Crenshaw. Before joining us for the Zócalo and Destination Crenshaw public program “Is Car Culture the Ultimate Act of Community in Crenshaw?,” he joined us in the green room to talk about why he loves driving the 405, his family of “yuck-mouths,” and the incredible librarians who’ve preserved Black L.A. history.

In L.A., Driving the Road to Black Empowerment

For Families Like Mine, Cars Were an Engine of Social and Economic Mobility

This essay publishes alongside next week’s Zócalo and Destination Crenshaw event, “Is Car Culture the Ultimate Act of Community in Crenshaw?” Register here to …

Los Angeles City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson

Los Angeles Communities Are Wealthy Communities

Marqueece Harris-Dawson is the Los Angeles City Council president pro tempore. He represents the Eighth District of Los Angeles, where Destination Crenshaw is being erected. Before sitting on the panel …

Architect Gabrielle Bullock

I Wanted to Change How My People Lived

Gabrielle Bullock is a principal architect and the director of global diversity at the architecture firm Perkins&Will. The second Black woman to graduate from the architecture department of Rhode Island School of …

For Crenshaw, By Crenshaw | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

For Crenshaw, By Crenshaw

At “How Do You Grow a Rose From Concrete?,” Destination Crenshaw Leaders Shared Their Vision for Community Permanence in South L.A.

“We are the hub of a community,” asserted Crenshaw High School principal Donald Moorer, who opened Thursday’s Zócalo event. It was the first in a series partnering with …