No Sleep for Those Under the ‘Jet Superhighway’

A Stealth Change in Flight Patterns to Hollywood Burbank Airport Has Impacted a Huge Stretch of L.A.

It starts around 6:45 a.m.—a faint, faraway boom, followed by a low growl that makes my stomach tighten and hands clench. Within seconds, the growl turns into a low rumbling, then a loud rumbling, then an intensely loud roar and whine, up to 70 decibels, as a 737 shoots over its low path across the Mulholland Corridor.

This goes on constantly for the next four hours as the planes of Southwest and other airlines fly west from Hollywood Burbank Airport and over Studio City, where I live, and the homes of …

The Noise That’s Polluting Downtown L.A.

Let’s Silence Ear-Splitting Backup Beepers To Make Los Angeles Great Again

Lost amid the deafening praise for Downtown Los Angeles’s reconstitution as modern urban renaissance is the deafening daily noise that accompanies Downtown LA’s reconstruction as modern urban renaissance.

Mayor Garcetti, …