Our contract was balletic—
you took from me the rabbits spooked

inside their still damp nest.
Then, you were a room

I lived through entirely. Snowed in
all the way up to my guilt.

“One form of heaven is nothing.”

Ignorable now, the gnaw
a highway’s plaintive hiss.

on alchemy

Never much good at judging distances
or my own physical strength, I imagine
this morning that I could swim across
the Mississippi, be in Illinois by lunch.

I can see it …

First New Year (Taos, New Mexico)

The mountain I hadn’t met lamented. It was you’re welcome; I’m sorry you don’t belong. It stood, said you don’t fit—sun hitting its middle—but stay. Far off, Gladys …

Songs To Make You Feel Safe

Grateful for the Poplar Tree (1988)
Spring is Monolingual (2004)
Choir for Private People (2010)
Tranquil Stoneware Exhibit (2018)

In all songs, time is a vessel.
They mistranslate vessel, in reality, …