In Morning


The Palestinian child
does not think about being Palestinian,
but only of how his kitten
slept last night
and why is it not
in its basket.
Before he walks to school,
he will find it playing
with neighbor kittens
outside his house
and make sure it has breakfast.

The Ukrainian child
checks her doll
in its crib
which is really a box
shoes once lived in
and tucks
the blanket
which is really a napkin

The Libyan child
thought he lived in a desert,
so how could his house wash away,

Flood Potential | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Flood Potential


That’s far enough, I yell across the dry
riverbed where twigs shoot up between rocks
with leaves like mistaken tenses: was, were,
watch. That’s far enough—wrenching
the children from their …

December Poetry Curator Jenny Browne

I Like TV Shows Where Handsome People With Accents Solve Crimes

Jenny Browne is a professor of English and creative writing at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She served concurrent terms as the 2016-2018 City of San Antonio Poet Laureate, …

to us in early winter

when it is time
the sun sets pink on the birch
and it will be winter
we are no stranger than we were
gingered joy will have melted after
icicles …

The High-Flying Birds

Music does not matter


Not much poetry to read


The fresh air by the lake

Only helpful to the lungs


Throughout the year, I rarely dream

But meditate a few times


My life depends on others


Some …

Can you tell me: | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Can you tell me:

If words attire thought

what is thinking

when carnage is daily weather—met with an itch

to switch the channel—a call to the misnamed

Department of Public Safety to confront gun awe—

no words–but flesh is …