You’ve Got to Accentuate the Diaological

Richard Sennett, Winner of the 2012 Zócalo Book Prize, Has Some Thoughts on How to Get Along

The Second Annual Zócalo Public Square Book Prize was made possible by the Southern California Gas Company with additional support from the Shepard Broad Foundation.

“Everybody in principle is for communal cooperation,” said sociologist Richard Sennett, winner of the 2012 Zócalo Book Prize for his book Together: The Rituals, Pleasures, and Politics of Cooperation. Yet cooperation in America today–in politics, in neighborhoods, in the workplace, and even in schools–is diminishing. Why is something we all agree on so difficult to accomplish? After accepting his award at MOCA Grand Avenue, Sennett, a …

Less Punching In the Face, More Jazz Trios

What Can Small, Cooperative Groups Teach Nations About Getting Along?


That large multicultural, multiethnic societies get along imperfectly isn’t news. But some societies get along much better than others. And certain groups unite in common purpose far more effectively than …