Apple and the Original Sin

Don’t Blame Companies for America’s Imperial Tax System That Respects No Boundaries

Recent congressional hearings focusing on Apple’s taxes provided a stark display of imperial hubris and arrogance. Not on the part of Apple, mind you—but on the part of Uncle Sam. The United States, in contrast to almost every other developed nation, feels entitled to tax economic activity beyond its shores, disregarding the boundaries that lesser nations feel they must observe.

It was striking that the Senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigations questioned Apple CEO Tim Cook on the same week that President Obama gave a speech suggesting the war on terror needed …

New Economy, No Sacrifice

Robert Frank on How We Can Spend—and Collaborate—Our Way Out of This

“In a hundred years’ time, if we poll a majority of professional economists, they’ll say, most of them, that Charles Darwin was the founder of our discipline–not Adam Smith.”

So said …

Taxes Hurt So Good

Levies Can Be Painful. But the Right Ones Bring Big Gains


Life has only one certainty other than death: taxes. And taxes may be less popular than death in 21st century America. Much of today’s politics is centered on opposition to …

Taxing Reason

The Golden State's (Unhealthy) Single-Issue Politics

I’m sick and tired of taxes. And this week I suspect I’m not alone.

But don’t misunderstand me. My complaint isn’t mostly about paying taxes, although I take no more pleasure …

Mad as Hell

But I Guess I Have to Take it More

Traveling through China several years ago, I had a driver whose traffic etiquette routinely left me in awe. Road shoulders were passing lanes, and so were exit ramps. Bicyclists he …