This Isn’t a First Amendment Issue, Twitter

Just Because Governing Online Speech Is Hard Doesn’t Mean It’s Forbidden by the Constitution

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it would be using new tools to curb hate speech and harassment on its site. The news came on the heels of a tell-all report on BuzzFeed that chronicled how 10 years of dogmatic commitment to “free speech” combined with persistent mismanagement led to the popular social media app becoming “a honeypot for assholes.” Twitter’s former head of news, Vivian Schiller, told BuzzFeed, “The whole ‘free speech wing of the free speech party’ thing—that’s not a slogan, that’s deeply, deeply embedded in the …

Why It’s So Hard to Speak Silicon Valley

Rather Than Engage With California, Our Humorless Tech Overlords Hide Behind a Wall of Jargon

You can’t talk to people in Silicon Valley anymore. They don’t even speak our language.

By that, I’m not referencing Mark Zuckerberg’s mediocre Mandarin or the software code underlying so much …

Twitter’s Tango with Shame

The Popular Social Media Network Is Fueled by Exposure and Fear of Being Out of Touch

Zócalo’s editors are diving into our archives and throwing it back to some of our favorite pieces. This week: Writer Jacob Brogan reflects on …

My Dirty Tsarnaev-Tracking Friday

I Spent All Day At My Computer Clicking “Refresh.” Never Again.

The Saturday before last, after a day-long car chase and shootout of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers had concluded, I woke up with a Twitter/news hangover.

On Friday, I had checked …