Curing My Daughter’s Colic

A Pediatrician and First-Time Mom Confronts the Limits of Medicine and Learns the First of Many Parenting Lessons

I should have seen this coming. I was too lucky during pregnancy, contending only with a few weeks of morning sickness and a bout of sciatica. By week 37, I was still able to both see and touch my toes. Delivery was perhaps even easier (please don’t hate me), with my obstetrician imploring me not to tell my friends about my quick and easy labor. I may have been exhausted, overwhelmed, and wearing mesh underwear, but my first three weeks as a first-time mom were magical.

Then came colic. Night after …

What Do We Owe Doctors and Nurses? | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

What Do We Owe Doctors and Nurses?

The Virus Has Exposed the Weaknesses of American Healthcare; to Build a Stronger System We Need to Care for Caregivers

In late March, a mutual friend of ours called with a grim picture of the situation on the ground at the Queens hospital where he works. New York City had …

The Healthiest Californians Are the Ones Who Are Healthy Together

Immigrants Live Longer and Better Than the Native Born Because Community Heals in Ways Medicine Does Not

Immigrants bring cultural practices that could improve our health systems and the health of all Californians—if we do more to understand and deploy the advantages of cultural diversity, said a …

Community Organizer Luz Gallegos

My Hidden Talent is Singing

Luz Gallegos is the Community Program Director at TODEC Legal Center, one of the Inland Empire area’s leading immigrant-assistance organizations. A community organizer and advocate since childhood, she focuses on …

Research Economist John Husing

When I Ran a Casino I Was on the Dance Floor Every Night

Dr. John Husing is a research economist who has studied Southern California’s growing economy since 1964. He has produced city- and county-specific economic development strategies for the region’s local governments …

Pastor Samuel J. Casey

I Love Taking Care of Farm Animals

Reverend Samuel J. Casey is the pastor at New Life Christian Church in Fontana, which he founded in 2013. He also serves as the executive director for Congregations Organized for …