Which Way Are the Winds of Renewable Energy Blowing off the West Coast?

Morro Bay’s Historic Auction for Offshore Developers Shows the Challenges of Making Climate Response Fit Community

Do we care if climate projects make allowances for the communities they impact?

That’s the question posed by the first-ever auction for leases to create giant wind farms in the ocean off the U.S. West Coast. The auction, completed late last year, awarded rights to build vast flotillas of wind turbines 20 miles off the coasts of San Luis Obispo and Humboldt Counties.

This was supposed to be a clarifying moment in California’s commitment to wind energy. The Golden State, for all its boasting about climate change policy, has lagged behind the …


A small bridge leads to the sea,
but you do not cross it.

No field guide, no bottle, no bible, no gun.
Just the softest of wars

between wind &

some kind of …