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Here's How to Join 'How Can Humans Coexist With Monster Wildfires?'

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From Australia to the Amazon to the American West, megafires—wildfires that burn more than 100,000 acres of land—have grown so frequent, large, and deadly that they’ve forced a reevaluation of how human societies coexist with fire. In a warming world, governments are confronting whether we must retreat from certain places to survive in a fierier world. …

Zócalo’s 2020 Summer Reading List Suits a Time Devoid of the Usual Escapes | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Zócalo’s 2020 Summer Reading List Suits a Time Devoid of the Usual Escapes

From Why We Started Calling Ourselves 'America' to Brains With a Mind of Their Own, These 15 Books Examine Essential Questions About Who We Are

We at Zócalo have always been contrarians when it comes to what constitutes a summer reading list. Our idea of a perfect “beach read” has never been your usual summer …

Ancient Greek Demagogues Might Sound Familiar in 2016

At “How Does Democracy Survive Demagoguery?”, a Zócalo/Getty Villa “Open Art” event at the Getty Villa in Malibu, Eric Robinson, an Indiana University historian of ancient Greece and Rome, describes …

How the 1990s Made L.A. a Cultural Engine

At “Were the ’90s L.A.’s Golden Age?”, a Zócalo/Museum of Contemporary Art event, MOCA’s chief curator, Helen Molesworth, explained how the 1990s transformed Los Angeles into a major force in …

The Future of Health Care Is Local

At a Zócalo/Arizona State University event at Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden, Sir Malcolm Grant, the chairman of NHS England, explains how his system is experimenting with pushing funding to regions.