Captain Jasper’s Cruise Rules

Passengers: pass on
friendships with passengers.
Prepare to run aground,
no diesel, no beer, no fun.

Cell phone reception
at best famished cat meows.
Morning alliances make
no difference this afternoon.

Stranded, six dwindled
survivors can’t divide well
water, volume for three, one cup.
Sunk by U-boat,

vessel owner is absolved
of blame. Vessel owner will do
everybody the favor of drowning
first. Refrain raising

the spirit of one remaining
resilient fat man bobbing
for oxygen. In case
of panic attack, Channel Marker 723’s

a few fathoms back. Portugal’s
navy is looking for me.
Channel Marker 723
doesn’t exist. It does.

it doesn’t.

Jeffrey Hecker was born in 1977 in Norfolk, Virginia. A graduate of Old Dominion University, he co-founded the short-lived but lived literary magazine 44th Street. His debut book, Rumble Seat, was published by San Francisco Bay Press. Recent work has appeared online in and The Waterhouse Review. He lives with his wife Robin in Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia.
*Photo by rogiro.
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