Parque México

Sundays in the Park With Cotton Candy

Stepping into Parque México, with its greenery and quaint 1920s signs, is like stepping into something out of Alice in Wonderland, an art deco oasis in the middle of the sprawling, traffic-choked city.

The first time I saw Parque México, it literally took my breath away. How could a place like this, with hedgerows, a duck pond, a dog run, and an open-air amphitheater, exist so near thousands of cars charging down nearby Insurgentes Avenue? I found myself compelled to return to this urban sanctuary so often, I finally forced myself to find an apartment overlooking it.

The park was built in 1927 on Countess Miravalle’s estate, and in her honor, my neighborhood is named “La Condesa.” It is the heart of La Condesa, and it’s circled by two avenues, Avenida México and Avenida Amsterdam, the site of the old “hipodromo” racetrack. I love Sundays in Parque México the most, with whole families making a kind of pilgrimage to the park, the kids stuffing their faces with hot pink cotton candy as they clutch their new balloons.

*Photo by Susana Seijas.

Susana Seijas is a freelance journalist and TV producer based in Mexico City who has worked for CBS News, 60 Minutes, HDNet World Report and Dan Rather Reports.


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