Defend the Eastside

The Los Angeles freeway interchange where Interstate 710 and State Route 60 cross, as seen from the south. Courtesy of Joe Wolf/Flickr.

The 5, the 101, the 10
Suavecito for President
A funeral procession out of City Terrace
No ICE on the overpass
Just a shot on the countertop
Next to hot chilaquiles
No liquor license needed
Just a morning prayer for the dead
Just a few words for the old man
So raise your glass to the 60, Atlantic and the 710
To watching the semillas grow through strollers through Los Puntos
A brick through gentrified windows
All the better to die on your feet
Cause life’s a risk
A wedding dress off Whittier
A baptism at our lady
A reception at La Raza
At the intersection of mission and Disobey Trump
In the shadow of Zapata
Better late than never my love
Will we be standing here in fifty years
Like fire and memory there are things worth protecting
Like imagine long after I am gone
And the children grown
Corazon at mariachi watching kids flip ollies
Over burning effigies of America’s latest flaming racist
Like we did when our love was young, our eyes were locked, our hands were bonds
You will remember me driving the 60, the 5, the 710
But will this world still exist
This life as lived
Like fire
Like memory
Like all that is worth protecting
Defend the Eastside