[On the one side]

[On the one side] | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Detail of Hummingbirds and Passionflowers, an oil painting by Martin Johnson Heade, completed around 1875-85. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On the one side
there are hummingbirds
plucking secret fruits
from the tongues of foxgloves
& a shimmering woman
who yawns like a cat
in the day bed of a
yellow house.

Having fallen out of love
I am on the side
where termite nests grow tall
in the shape of my predicament

& here as well is the milk snake
folding and unfolding
infinite lemniscate
drifting fatly over the riverbed,
over the river, over the bed,
just another of my limbs.

Stephanie Adams-Santos writes poetry and screenplays in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles.
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