We Are Part of Those Who Keep Wake

We will keep wake up until the boundaries of insomnia
We will not sleep
We will pluck out the eyes of drowsiness
We will pull the bed away from naive naps
We are part of those who keep wake

Our eyes rolled wide
Blushed by the challenge
Open to vigilance
We will walk in front of the fire to protect the flame of awakening

We will not close our eyes in honey nights’ sleep
We will not sleep like bellies sated with princely dishes
We will see through the fog
Beyond the …

Hot Stepper at the Gates of Hell | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Hot Stepper at the Gates of Hell


who now pleads with the ancestors
seeing with naked eyes the gates of the dead

who now sees the impossibility of life
finding at last the answer to the question

and wonders …

The mothers were drowning

At first, they said the mothers were drowning
in their own waters. Each mother agreed.
I am drowning she said. They said you should know
it is not your fault. …