Hadas Hayun

The Illusion of Perfect Symmetry

Hadas Hayun is an illustrator, artist, print and surface designer, and decorator. Her clients range from web companies to haute couture textile makers. Hayun, who completed her BA in Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy, lives and works in Tel Aviv and Milan.

In Hayun’s illustrations for Zócalo, precise, geometric shapes take flight as delicate butterflies. Things get looser and more spontaneous, but no less elegant in the field of poppies and clover that is home to these beautiful insects. Hayun’s illustrations are rendered in translucent glaze-like colors. It’s a technique that would elicit a smile of recognition with stained-glass auteur Louis Tiffany and the cuerda seca tile makers of Catalina alike. As you explore her winged beauties, be sure to pay close attention to areas where there is only an illusion of perfect symmetry!


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