Zócalo Announces Los Angeles Times Partnership

Zócalo Public Square, an ASU Knowledge Enterprise, has entered an agreement with the Los Angeles Times that will significantly enhance the visibility of our network of contributing authors and expand ideas-journalism offerings published in the Los Angeles Times’ opinion section.

Under the exchange agreement, Zócalo, working with Times opinion editors, will produce content the Times will distribute as exclusive first publications in print, online and additional formats.

“This new partnership between Zócalo Public Square and the Los Angeles Times is designed to connect our audiences with original and illuminating ideas and journalism,” said Mi-Ai Parrish, managing director of Media Enterprise at Arizona State University. “We are looking forward to working together.”

Terry Tang, acting editor of the Los Angeles Times editorial page, said: “I’m thrilled that we can work with Zócalo’s editors to present urgent and provocative essays to our readership.”

Zócalo and the Times’ opinion section already partnered on a piece on the future of agriculture in California, which appeared in the Jan. 9 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the largest U.S. newspaper headquartered on the West Coast. The article was written by Stephanie Pincetl, a professor of environmental and sustainability studies at UCLA.

“Working collaboratively with our hometown newspaper serves to elevate both Zócalo and the L.A. Times and to connect more people to more ideas and each other,” said Moira Shourie, executive director of Zócalo Public Square.

In addition to the Los Angeles Times, the contributor agreement allows for Zócalo content to be translated into Spanish for publication via Los Angeles Times en Español, syndicated through the Tribune News Service, and shared on social media and affiliated digital, audio and video platforms.


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