Cecilia Gutiérrez García

The World Inside a Giant Erlenmeyer Flask

Cecilia Gutiérrez García is an illustrator and designer from Seville, Spain. Her work combines traditional drawing techniques with bold digital colors. In her free time, she likes to read, browse the El Jueves market, and swing dance.

In her Zócalo Sketchbook, she puts nature under the magnifying glass—depicting it dripping out of pipettes and filling up test tubes. By using the tools of science to explore the natural world, she gives us one of the great gifts illustration can offer: making the familiar new again. “The way we humans see and interact with nature is drastically linked to the historical period we live in,” she tells Zócalo. “Right now, nature seems like something that exists far away from us, and the only way we have contact with it is by studying and analyzing it.” So next time you’re out in the world, why not picture the things you see around you inside a giant Erlenmeyer flask? It just might change your focus.


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