Picturing Pān-toh

Miki Kuo is a Taiwanese illustrator based in New York. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, and her work has been included in magazines such as Creative Quarterly.

Kuo’s Sketchbook visualizes the beauty of the dishes prepared for a Pān-toh, the traditional Taiwanese roadside banquet. “I put the chef’s art into illustrations in the hope I can connect hundreds and thousands of people with art as the chef does with food,” Kuo tells Zócalo.

To achieve the organic look of her illustrations, Kuo takes her digital drawings, prints them out on a Risograph …

Destination Crenshaw Lead Historian Larry Earl | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Sculptor Charles Dickson

I’m Very Much a Futurist

Charles Dickson is a self-taught artist, sculptor, and designer whose public artwork spans decades and can be found throughout Southern California. Before joining us for the program “Is …

For Crenshaw, By Crenshaw | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

For Crenshaw, By Crenshaw

At “How Do You Grow a Rose From Concrete?,” Destination Crenshaw Leaders Shared Their Vision for Community Permanence in South L.A.

“We are the hub of a community,” asserted Crenshaw High School principal Donald Moorer, who opened Thursday’s Zócalo event. It was the first in a series partnering with …

What Can Sankofa Teach Us?

The Popular African Symbol—Which Means ‘Return to Your Past’—Continues to Guide and Inspire the Black Diaspora

This essay publishes alongside tonight’s Zócalo and Destination Crenshaw event, “How Do You Grow a Rose From Concrete?” Register here to join the program …

Don’t Close the Curtains on Kenya’s Acrobats

They Fly Through the Air and Build Human Pyramids to Tourists’ Delight. But the Performers Struggle for Recognition and Financial Stability

It’s showtime at one of Kenya’s five-star resort hotels.

Tourists from around the world move in small groups to the performance area next to the pool to see the evening’s headliner: …