Dark Star


2 Black neurodivergent queers meet at a bar
One extends a rainforest palm
The other clasps and shakes Sahara

In the middle, a summer storm takes place
Settles them down
Somewhere south
Somewhere south of wherever
Somewhere south of anywhere but here

On a brown skinned
Sun shined porch

Wrapped around the body of a ground up home
Painted the colors of all the flowers
Any flowers

Tulips line the rocking chair
Swaying synonymous
Harmonizing with their buzzy friends

Dandelions waltz wind
Up and around the nose, eyes, ears

Katydids line the earth road with their
Soprano songs

Grasshoppers tune their beat
To whatever’s in that kitchen cast iron an crackling

Oh how I wish to transport
To such a green governed ground
To be a single blade of grass amongst a forested army

To have the privilege of not being a punchline

To travel freely in this flesh

But today we’re here
Holding hands in the center of
An unmasked bar in the humid-haunted Midwest

Looking to each other
Folding towards each other
Like two sunflowers caught
In the center of a summer storm

Rise is a queer, Black, genderfluid, and disabled writer, poet, and artist living on Potowatomi territory (Chicago). They write to create home, embrace rage and love, and further their commitment to their imagination. Rise is invested in disability justice, access, centering wellness for Black queer folk, trauma education, and rest.
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