every you, every us

Think remember map our
every you every us every night every darkness
lay fear down
lay in sadness
carry this acre
taken from a map
you’ve your heart
and I am the open head
I am half every walking woman
every man from Michigan
At sea light is now breaking
And what is this scrap
of hour that can crack
my unfolding?

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Condominium Song #3

Steve speaks slowly, and because he is the 
Housing Association President,
he also speaks in detail, willing nothing
be missed or wrong. He is old so events
take on …


Our contract was balletic—
you took from me the rabbits spooked

inside their still damp nest.
Then, you were a room

I lived through entirely. Snowed in
all the way …

on alchemy

Never much good at judging distances
or my own physical strength, I imagine
this morning that I could swim across
the Mississippi, be in Illinois by lunch.

I can see it …

First New Year (Taos, New Mexico)

The mountain I hadn’t met lamented. It was you’re welcome; I’m sorry you don’t belong. It stood, said you don’t fit—sun hitting its middle—but stay. Far off, Gladys …