Where I Go: The Nature Preserve of Memory 

Torrey Pines—A Mythic Hike in My Childhood Imagination—Feels Fragile Now

Like a giant’s sandy belly rising up from the gentle chill of the ocean, Torrey Pines Natural Reserve was a mythic force in my childhood imagination. Yet during a recent visit, over 30 years later, I became freshly aware of the ways that memory can dilate and stretch, and how places that seemed enormous from the wide eyes and small stature of youth can feel so different in an adult body.

Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is located in what is now called San Diego, the traditional and unceded lands of …

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Speaking for the Unhoused

It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be part of this event. I value the recovery of my life dearly and wish to help as many as possible find the same satisfaction that I have. This overwhelming desire has guided me and given me new purpose. I would never in a million years have thought I would be the voice of Homelessness, but now I speak for them/us proudly!

—Shawn Eric Pleasants

Beefy Heels | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Beefy Heels

“Put your shoes on,”
he says from the couch,
“There’s thorns on the porch,”
only I was knee-deep in the mop bucket.
The soapy grey water wouldn’t protect my feet

Obsession | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian


In sleepless nights
In the depths of despair
where not a ray
can be glimpsed
I think of you . . .

The ties are broken
the ropes snapped
and …

Academic Freedom Is a Fundamental Building Block of the Public Square

The University of Toronto is on the wrong side of history and, I’m afraid, so is Michael Ignatieff. The growing movement in support of CAUT’s censure should be a clear indication to the U of T administration that it ought to resist any attempt at interference in academic freedom. The reputation of this great university is at stake. Ignatieff’s decision to break ranks with those who are trying to get the University to reverse course is based on a spurious argument about the public square that does not stand up to scrutiny. There is no public square when basic fundamental building blocks of that square are being eroded.

W. Andy Knight, FRSC
Distinguished Professor
University of Alberta

How to Write a Poem During a Pandemic | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

How to Write a Poem During a Pandemic

If, in the middle
of the night, words
come; ignore
let the sleeping children
need you
though waves 
of light approach
let the man with whom you …