7th North Street

Glowing cross red neon perched
like a robin on the church roof vaulted
made of stone thick tresses of ivy

spill from it afternoon light scatters broken
images of the Virgin across the backs of pews

but what is more beautiful the smell of flowering
Hollyhocks that bulge from a leaning chain-link fence
their heads fat and white and clustering into the shape

of a cross some small procession for the dead Sweet Boy
cannot figure as he …

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My dad’s letter sways the mailbox slant.
    His name, reduced to a number, weighs
heavy, loosens the red plastic flag
    from its hinge.

Prison is a war …

Washing My Mother’s Hair



My mother’s nightly ritual: sitting 

on the floor in front of the hallway 

mirror, a wet comb, the right 

amount of hair. She ropes 

a plastic pink curler 

Where I Go: Becoming a Pokémon Champion | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Where I Go: Becoming a Pokémon Champion

For the Last 15 Years, These Cute Digital Creatures Have Helped Remind Me That I Can Overcome Any Challenge That May Come My Way

Most kids are obsessed with things—fantasies, foods, films—that they eventually outgrow.

It’s only natural. Our taste ages as we do.

But for me, it’s been 15 years since my parents got me …

The Neighborhood


The wind grows furious as the grounds
around my house sicken. My neighbor’s
been pointing at a tree bordering our
properties with a gash down its trunk.
All I …

Excerpt From ‘Conversations With My Fathers’



she brought an island’s worth of family to the states, her eye beaconed the promised land of mammon, and we came. when her dementia was really bad she worried she …