Honey Hole



The lower my estrogen dips, the more young
    men (in their delicate, whole-body certainty
that shatters like that, like ice calved off a glacier)
    grow downright adorable. O, those stoney oafs:
grinning, nodding and yawning at the same time;
    jocks with bare ankles, flashing slivers of
footie socks; jokers studying my face ha-ha-ha-ing
    up a laugh they tricked me into swallowing;
hollow-eyed gamers following deep-space commands.
    I’ve been too …

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Where I Go: My Teacher, the Tomato

How This Beautiful Plant and Its Magic Fruit Guides a Professional Chef in the Kitchen, and in Life

Food can connect us to the earth, our community, and ourselves. But first, we need to open a space to listen to and be in exchange with the ingredients.

As a …

Illustration of Antillean Euphonia birds. Two of them with breen bodies and blue heads. One with an orange front body, black back, and a blue head.


Name a song further away than that.
Green-throated Carib,
Crested Honeykeeper.

I’m sitting in the post office parking lot
listening to the back-up beep
of a mail truck, this sheet

of sunstruck …

Etiology of Wound in the Wound


Let the wound caused by the serpent be cured by the serpent – Gloria Anzaldúa


I lose my fingers inside my solar plexus :: Worm
too deep, too poking, …


Him —

In between this breath and the next,
I will find a 1000 burning sons
In the rage of a solivagant man
Who forgets he is an ever-blooming bud, still …