Him —

In between this breath and the next,
I will find a 1000 burning sons
In the rage of a solivagant man
Who forgets he is an ever-blooming bud, still growing.

Amidst peace and pain
He flirts with his fathers’ cadaver, patrizate and unaware there is still time for the opsimath.
Within every moment of denial
— bottled artefacts in some abandoned museum of age—
he takes inventory, by folding his own skin into wrinkles and …

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Dark Star


2 Black neurodivergent queers meet at a bar
One extends a rainforest palm
The other clasps and shakes Sahara

In the middle, a summer storm takes place
Settles them down
Somewhere …

Computer monitors, with the screen turned off, on row of shelves. Opened desktops are next to some of the monitors.

the weight of every image

Let’s peel back the disparate and dehumanizing layers
of these different stories.
I can sit with the fact that they’re not monsters, these normal people
but the truth is stranger …

no love for a loveless god


“If lovelessness is godlessness, will you cast me to the wayside?”
—Moses Sumney, “Doomed”


I don’t know
if lovelessness is godlessness
I feel like lovelessness…for me…
is too …


Cyclones are better than wildfires, than
smoke that blows hundreds of miles to
thicken the air. In the East Bay, high
levels of particulate matter from our
regular winter pollution …

Coventry Street, Detroit

(The black mold fungus Stachybotrys chartarum was originally discovered on the wall of a house in Prague in 1837. The average person inhales at least 40 conidia (fungus …