• Cats of Cádiz

    by Miriam Gamble


    Cats own the breakwater rocks of Cádiz. This has been decreed – or has grown up as a consequence of cats deciding it and congregating there: Cats own …

  • Only the Water

    by Brandy Nālani McDougall


     for the stolen water, lands, and lives of Hawaiʻi, and especially those of Lahaina


    to divert, to steal, to hoard,
    to pollute, to contaminate

    to leak fuel   into
    to …

  • It was now when it happened

    by Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe

    Editorial Note: This poem twins a Māori legend of the pīwakawaka (New Zealand fantail) with an Irish myth concerning Diarmuid (son of Donn), and …

  • 7th North Street

    by Matthew Petit

    Glowing cross red neon perched
    like a robin on the church roof vaulted
    made of stone thick tresses of ivy

    spill from it afternoon light scatters broken
    images of the Virgin …


    by Ezra Fox


    My dad’s letter sways the mailbox slant.
        His name, reduced to a number, weighs
    heavy, loosens the red plastic flag
        from its hinge.

    Prison is a war …

  • Washing My Mother’s Hair

    by Allison Albino



    My mother’s nightly ritual: sitting 

    on the floor in front of the hallway 

    mirror, a wet comb, the right 

    amount of hair. She ropes 

    a plastic pink curler 

  • The Neighborhood

    by Aaron Banks


    The wind grows furious as the grounds
    around my house sicken. My neighbor’s
    been pointing at a tree bordering our
    properties with a gash down its trunk.
    All I …

  • Honey Hole

    by Jennifer L. Knox


    The lower my estrogen dips, the more young
        men (in their delicate, whole-body certainty
    that shatters like that, like ice calved off a glacier)
        grow downright adorable. …


    by Mark Doty

    Name a song further away than that.
    Green-throated Carib,
    Crested Honeykeeper.

    I’m sitting in the post office parking lot
    listening to the back-up beep
    of a mail truck, this sheet

    of sunstruck …

  • Etiology of Wound in the Wound

    by Felicia Zamora


    Let the wound caused by the serpent be cured by the serpent – Gloria Anzaldúa


    I lose my fingers inside my solar plexus :: Worm
    too deep, too poking, …