• A Storm Like No Other

    by Marie Ketline Adodo

    What storm is brewing
    With the falling of dead stars
    That lie along these alleys of sea foam?

    Suicidal waves
    Rise and crash
    Into the throat of a gaping gulf
    Which …

  • Hot Stepper at the Gates of Hell

    by Martin Egblewogbe


    who now pleads with the ancestors
    seeing with naked eyes the gates of the dead

    who now sees the impossibility of life
    finding at last the answer to the question

    and wonders …

  • The mothers were drowning

    by Danielle Pafunda

    At first, they said the mothers were drowning
    in their own waters. Each mother agreed.
    I am drowning she said. They said you should know
    it is not your fault. …

  • Who Takes This Desert Home?

    by Soheil Najm

    Shadows stick into the horizon
    like thorns of flame.
    I am a magician,
    angels on my right
    illusions on my left.
    On my shoulders, sands that lost their way

  • My Story

    by Leeladhar Jagoori, translated by Sarabjeet Garcha

    My story
    is the story
    of a hoe wearing thin
    of a factory becoming a ruin
    of a road falling out of repair

    my story
    is the story
    of stone
    turning …

  • Battleground

    by Gerrit Achterberg, translated by Thomas McGuire

    Listen to Thomas McGuire’s introduction and recitation of the poem in Dutch.


    The gloaming falls like ground.
    In Holland lopes a hound.
    A hound with yellow teeth.
    He roves throughout the …


    by Boris Khersonsky, Translated by Katie Farris and Ilya Kaminsky

    All animals were once human, but then
    they sinned—
    and God flooded our Earth
    and Noah smuggled all those former humans in pairs. Each of them
    was wicked, deceitful. And …

  • Postcard

    by Ananda Lima

    you speak to a mountain
    by becoming
    it your body in her
    language of minerals
    a whisper a humming
    bird’s fluttering wings
    since I became
    a mother nearly a decade

  • How We Teach Them

    by Melissa Dickey

    in a café I watch a boy
    maybe five years old

    hit his sister again and again
    till his mom gives him a phone

    on which to watch videos of boys
    shooting …