• faddoms

    by Christie Williamson

    Read and listen to the poem in Shetlandic Scottish below. Scroll down to read the modern English translation.


    faddom du dis fur me
    da lies o da feddir​​​
    maunna makk​​​​
    da …

  • Silent Spring

    by Seok Chang, translated by Jake Levine and Soohyun Yang

    Reading by Jake Levine


    The door is shut.

    The road where flower petals fall
    half on this side, half on that.
    Of all the things that used to buzz about
    no trace …

  • From notes from the understory

    by Rusty Morrison


    notes from the understory (layer 20, direction one)

    All of it begins. I’m soaked to the skin by a sudden downpour.
    My gray silk blouse won’t come free from the skin …

  • What Millennials Want

    by Rosamund Taylor


    We want to weigh 150 tonnes
    and be covered in grey-blue skin
    smooth as oil. We want our lungs
    to deflate into our chests
    when we hunt
    the midnight zone

  • Contagion

    by Siobhan Campbell


    When the arena of war shifted to the planet,
    when we listened for the scrape of pangolin nails,
    the black beat of rhinos, the crex of corncrakes
    who would not …

  • Knotwork

    by Jessica Traynor


    a knot for the nettles and ditches
       a knot for the ragwort’s scald
    a knot for the ghosts at the holy well
       a knot for the missing child

    a knot for …

  • White-tailed Eagles

    by Jane Clarke


    Iolair Mhara

    Two eagles lock talons in mid-flight
    and tumble together towards the water

        as if they’ll never stop falling,

    but they disentangle just in time
    and ascend to the top

        of …


    by Fred Schmalz


    My brother
    what do I do now

    with my impulse
    to tie our shoes together

    and launch them into the wire
    the way I think

    you think
    sublime vistas are conjured

    I prepare a …

  • Tet Singing Cure (Almost a Ghost)

    by Hoa Nguyen


    for children and their caretakers during wartime

    Co Tu sang   not sleeping
      the lamp lit
    one year old toddler me near-death
    war attack aftermath with stomach sickness

  • In Morning

    by Naomi Shihab Nye


    The Palestinian child
    does not think about being Palestinian,
    but only of how his kitten
    slept last night
    and why is it not
    in its basket.
    Before he walks to …

  • Flood Potential

    by Jennifer Kronovet


    That’s far enough, I yell across the dry
    riverbed where twigs shoot up between rocks
    with leaves like mistaken tenses: was, were,
    watch. That’s far enough—wrenching
    the children from their …