• 1. Opening, from The Burden of Nisan

    by Shimon Adaf, translated by Becka Mara McKay

    The poem carried her
    through time

    she lay reading on the balcony
    on a sun-wombed border

    a chrysanthemum ignited
    the garden’s actuality
    a well of gravity

    birdsong harpooned the air

    even her mother was …

  • Middle School

    by Oak Morse


    They’ve gotten my classes     crisscrossed

       sulking here     swallowing the wrong,

          compacted in       the regular classroom.

    I belong

       in a seat that calls my name

               not here      in …

  • Knaackstraße 82, 1996 (Schicksalslied)

    by Monika Cassel

           Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
                 (Johannes Brahms, Deutsches Requiem/Psalm 84)


    Keusch bewahrt,/ In bescheidener Knospe: In downstairs Berlin bars she meets young men
    while machines rip the city’s …

  • Cling

    by Tobi Kassim


    Just gravity pulling what free
    bodies it touches down, and at times
    their refusal. Despite this shaking over
    the mouth of the trash, a plate
    holding its residue. Adherence the …

  • After the Idea of the Flood Recedes

    by Daisy Fried


    with borrowings from Rimbaud, “Après le Déluge”

    in a turbulent dream,
    I wake troubled, confused,
    a tabby nosing round the sheets…

    the market stalls are dressed in meat,
    bavetted, boned, …

  • Hatred of the Various Grays

    by Shane Eaves


    I am grunting along the 60, returning

    from Calvary Mortuary in East LA

    where I walked into the wrong

    services. My good friend’s mom

    suddenly gone and me wandering halls

    looking for the moon: Luna, …

  • I am holding a dying dog

    by Hannah Schultz


    because no one else will. His eyes
    are white and cracked like the moon,
        little crescents. And when I set
    him down, he runs, not knowing
    where he’s going. …

  • Seaside

    by T.William Wallin-Sato


    Last night I read Lorca in the bathtub
    Three candles and an incense lit
    My cigarette blending with steam and bubbles
    Lavender and Epsom sinking to the bottom
    The eucalyptus …