• Self-Portrait as MRI

    by Annie Wenstrup


    For Immediate Release:

    On July 1st, 2022, neurologist Jane Smith discovered the original
    Ingalls Cabin. While conducting a routine MRI (patient: 36, F,
    Dena’ina and white, familial history of aneurysms) Smith …

  • Ma hope o Nau ā Wali na Kunane Wooton

    by Brandy Nālani McDougall

    this weight
    of history    we nau

    uwē this   history
    uwē this     white stone
    uwē this       story

    uwē us    kaumaha we
    kali us    ahonui we

    kaumaha    …

  • When I Hum Improvised Songs

    by Millicent Borges Accardi

    After “One Last Love Poem” by Juan J. Morales


    Aside from the time they might’ve
    Been casting curses for others,
    Helping priests for the Inquisition
    Banishment and cleansings
    Bruxaria, …

  • Grandmother

    by Mary Leauna Christensen

    Grandmother/ i want to cause discomfort/ squeeze these angled bones/ between warmth & the side of Your armchair/ tell me i am pinching Your leg/ allow me to stay/ …


    by Damian Smyth


    1. Christmas Lights

    What made it December, in the fields, was that everything
    Was silent, except for the ice creaking in every blade of grass,
    As if each one …

  • Aviary

    by Anna Loughran


    Milling about before the clinic
    opened for a routine blood test,
    I walked through a flurry of parakeets,
    ducking as they swooped to feed
    on blueberries & sunflower seeds,
    & …

  • Exact Fits Make Me Superstitious

    by Dean Browne


    The fusty pinstriped suit jackets of larger men
    are sagging the racks. Stretch full length in one until
    your ears surge and still your fingertips won’t reach
    out of the …

  • Cats of Cádiz

    by Miriam Gamble


    Cats own the breakwater rocks of Cádiz. This has been decreed – or has grown up as a consequence of cats deciding it and congregating there: Cats own …

  • Only the Water

    by Brandy Nālani McDougall


     for the stolen water, lands, and lives of Hawaiʻi, and especially those of Lahaina


    to divert, to steal, to hoard,
    to pollute, to contaminate

    to leak fuel   into
    to …

  • It was now when it happened

    by Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe

    Editorial Note: This poem twins a Māori legend of the pīwakawaka (New Zealand fantail) with an Irish myth concerning Diarmuid (son of Donn), and …

  • 7th North Street

    by Matthew Petit

    Glowing cross red neon perched
    like a robin on the church roof vaulted
    made of stone thick tresses of ivy

    spill from it afternoon light scatters broken
    images of the Virgin …


    by Ezra Fox


    My dad’s letter sways the mailbox slant.
        His name, reduced to a number, weighs
    heavy, loosens the red plastic flag
        from its hinge.

    Prison is a war …