• Losing ‘Great White Egret’

    by Moyra Donaldson

    My memory’s erratic and tonight
    I can’t locate your name – four syllables
    just out of sight, hiding amongst the reeds

    Bird out of place, you were a wonder.
    I watched …

  • Autumnal Equinox

    Julian, CA

    by Angela Narciso Torres

    this urge to drive somewhere—what is it?

    from a fast window, even brown grass

    looks exciting. rolling into town, the smell

    of burnt apples. grandpas, babies, tattooed

    teens squint in harsh sunlight as if …

  • Here

    for Padraig Regan

    by Paul Maddern

    Here is the inventory of stone I
    could not bring myself to make
    and instead I have simply
    photographed where stones have
    been left on turned …

  • The Mother of All Parliaments

    by Leontia Flynn

    ‘The Mother of Parliaments’
    is having a nervous breakdown
    as we gather your things
    switch off and leave the house.

    The trees shake in this storm
    as the day shakes in …

  • Mélopée

    by Matthew Ryan Shelton

    One may speak, one may not speak.
    One may speak, one may bespeak.
    What if we are two if we are one.

    One may see, one may not see.
    One may …

  • Ode to My Leopard Print Coat

    after Neruda

    by Carrie Etter

    If there must be
    winter at least
    I will wear this
    leopard print
    cape of a coat,
    thick faux fur
    smelling of dried
    jasmine and sweat,
    drawing friends near
    to …

  • Everything Ends

    by Martha Silano

    but so what. In the sultry nights of August, I’ll unravel –
    wanna join me? We can pant ourselves pantless,

    share a double brushfire on the raucous. Together
    we can …

  • Rock House

    by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

    This rock house loft can’t sustain the sway
    from mile-deep brine water pumping back, it crumbles

    like my hand crushed last winter,
    car door slammed,
    digits malformed into turnkeys
    that don’t …

  • Lucidity

    by Laynie Browne

    From shine, lux, light, sleep with the dreamer awake, languid as if in water

    If we were free from obscurity would everyone pause as instructed

    The way birds dip and dive then …

  • Étude

    by Travis Chi Wing Lau

    Lotuses unfolding
    into dreamfish,
    slurrying into
    queer failure:
    how the
    fails me
    (or have I
    failed the
    vine and
    too untrained
    for even fingering,
    too feral
    for firmness


    by Lisa Moore

    I have been living in this house for eleven years
    today is the day I began to inhabit it

    the glass table in the corner of the room
    the hand-sized chunk …

  • Portals Are Having a Moment

    by Julie Choffel

    on the TV & I’m having a moment that’s not
    my world not ripped apart by light or arms
    weary from swimming the multiverse
    Harjo says I cannot walk through …