Code of Civility

At its events (“Events”) Zócalo seeks to create an open and civil environment of mutual respect, where all participants can feel welcome. Zócalo has adopted this Code of Civility (“Code”) to endeavor to help participants have a pleasant, enjoyable, and safe experience. Remember that “participants” are a large, varied group, including the patrons in attendance at the Event, patrons of Event rebroadcasts (on television, radio, and the internet), members of the staff of Zócalo and of its venue and media partners, Zócalo volunteers, the presenter(s) for the Event (“Presenters”), and the Event’s security personnel (including those who are monitoring the patrons’ compliance with this Code).


Attempting to attend without Zócalo’s express permission.

Engaging in any activity prohibited by law or by the rules of the venue (“Venue”) hosting the Event.

Disruptive or unsafe behavior, including any conduct that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the Event by other patrons, or with the functioning of staff, volunteers, Presenters, or security.

Abusive, threatening, or insulting language.

Activities or behavior that result in injury or harm to any participant, or that unreasonably risk such harm.

Activities or behavior that results in damage during an Event to any property of a participant, facility, Venue, or Zócalo.

Eating or drinking, except in specific areas and times designated for those purposes by Zócalo.

Smoking or vaping.

Without the express, written permission of Zócalo, petitioning for any cause, or soliciting or causing the sale of any merchandise or service.


Zócalo does not permit patrons to enter into any Venue carrying bags, luggage, sacks, etc., that cannot be easily held on a patron’s lap. All oversized belongings must be checked with Zócalo staff. Patrons must pick up their checked belongings from Zócalo staff immediately following the Event.

No patron at any Event retains any privacy or intellectual property right in anything of the patron’s appearance, speech, or other behavior at the Event that Zócalo causes to be recorded for rebroadcast.

To avoid disturbing other patrons, mute the volume of electronic devices, and use cell phones only outside of the Event space.

Zócalo is not responsible for patrons’ personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged in or on the grounds of the Venue.

Zócalo reserves the right to deny Event access to any person who Zócalo reasonably believes is violating the letter or spirit of this Code. Staff, volunteers, or security may ask patrons who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior to modify their behavior or else to voluntarily leave the Event premises immediately. Noncompliance with such a request or with this Code may result in the patron being required to leave the Event premises involuntarily, in their arrest and prosecution, and/or in their being denied access to future Events.

By a person’s requesting permission to attend an Event as a patron, or by so attending it, the person accepts this Code and agrees to abide by it during the Event, even if ultimately Zócalo refuses the person permission to attend all or any part of the Event.