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Can Rural Education Survive the 21st Century?

Can Rural Education Survive the 21st Century? | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

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A Zócalo/California Wellness Foundation Event
Moderated by Saul Gonzalez, KQED Correspondent and Co-Host of “The California Report”

The pandemic was bad for schools. It was even worse for rural schools, which are often the centers of daily life, culture, and economy in their communities. Poor internet connections made remote learning inaccessible and downright impossible in many cases. Attendance dropped. Rural schools, which struggle to attract and keep staff even in good times, hemorrhaged teachers and administrators; staff  who remained were exhausted and prone to leaving. How can rural schools and districts recover from such damage—and how can state and regional governments best support them? What sorts of changes must rural schools make to adapt to the environmental, economic, and technological threats to rural communities? And what will it take for rural education to survive the 21st century?

California Collaborative for Educational Excellence assistant director of systems of support Julie Boesch, Cal Poly Humboldt executive director of initiatives Connie Stewart, and Small School Districts’ Association executive director Tim Taylor visit Zócalo to explore how rural schools can prosper.

Zócalo invites our in-person audience to continue the conversation with our speakers and each other at a post-event reception with complimentary drinks.

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