Los Angeles | In-Person

Why Can’t Americans Balance Work, Love, and Play?

Brigid Schulte

Skirball Cultural Center
2701 North Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Free parking on site in North Lot. Enter at Herscher Way.

Nearly 40 percent of Americans feel overworked, yet six in 10 don’t take the vacation days they’ve earned. In survey after survey, people say they’re too busy to make friends outside the office, too busy to date, too busy to sleep, and too busy to have sex. And since 1972, there has been a steady rise in the number of American men and women who say they “always” feel rushed. How is the pressure and stress of our busy lives resculpting our brains, shaping our jobs, changing our families—and affecting the leisure time we do have? And why, despite new technologies that are supposed to make our lives easier, and the adoption of more fluid gender roles at home and work, do we all have so little time for fun? Washington Post staff writer Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, visits Zócalo to discuss why Americans haven’t figured out how to lead balanced lives, and what we can do as individuals and a nation to get some relief from the chaos of modern life.

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