Where Bad Air Carries Peril and Promise

Can the Science and Resources That Polluted the San Joaquin Valley Be Poured Into Building a More Just, Livable Region?

California’s San Joaquin Valley is a place of contradictions: It is the most agriculturally productive region in the world, growing over 250 crops and grossing approximately $35 billion in annual sales of everything from fruit and nuts to livestock, wine, milk, and grains. Its 27,000 square miles reside in a geographical sweet spot, with a Mediterranean climate and land watered by once mighty rivers flowing from the Sierra Nevada mountains. The valley possesses incredible cultural diversity, too: People of more than 70 different ethnicities, speaking over 100 languages, call the …

Activist-Scholar Catherine Garoupa White

I Have So Many Fond Memories Around Madera County

Catherine Garoupa White is the executive director of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, working to restore clean air to the San Joaquin Valley. They also teach at CSU Stanislaus …

How Angelenos Beat Back Smog

High Aspirations, Law, and Science Helped Make Southern California a Better Place

My personal battle against smog began in 1971, when I moved to L.A. with a brand new degree from Yale Law School and no job.

The city was sprawling but …