Activist-Scholar Catherine Garoupa White

I Have So Many Fond Memories Around Madera County

Catherine Garoupa White is the executive director of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, working to restore clean air to the San Joaquin Valley. They also teach at CSU Stanislaus and Columbia College. As an activist scholar, Garoupa White seeks to use data with the lived experiences of environmental justice communities to achieve health equity. Before participating as a panelist for a Zócalo/California Wellness Foundation event, “Can California Solve Its Air Quality Inequality?,” they sat down in our green room to tell us about their favorite free-flowing river, the planet they’d …

Why Can’t All Californians Breathe Clean Air?

How Communities and Coalitions Are Working Toward a Future Where Race and Income No Longer Determine Pollution Levels

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously this week to phase out fossil fuel sites and ban new oil and gas wells.

That kind of victory was once inconceivable for California’s …

The Weather Scientists Who Can Forecast a National Security Threat

The Federal Air Resources Lab Quietly Helps Prevent Plane Crashes and Chemical Attacks

You’ve probably never heard of the Air Resources Laboratory. I hadn’t until two years ago, when I was hired to preserve a trove of oral histories recorded in the early …