How Latin America Built L.A.

Excavating the Century of Economic Domination Beneath the 2022 Summit of the Americas

Los Angeles is just the second U.S. city to host the Summit of the Americas, which brings together political leaders, civil society organizations, and business executives from North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean to promote inter-hemispheric cooperation, economic growth, and regional security.

The very first summit in 1994 was held in Miami, often considered the hub of Latin America in the U.S. But this time around the Biden administration gave Los Angeles the nod, pointing to its “deep and robust ties throughout our hemisphere.”

This relationship is over a century in …

Hey, President Biden: Where’s California’s Invite to Your Democracy Summit?

The Golden State Is Far From Perfect, But It’s More Democratic Than the U.S. and Most Other Countries

Hey, President Biden: Did California’s invitation to your Summit for Democracy get lost by your failing postal service?

Or did you just forget to put us on your list?

For all the …