A Warning From the Bumpy Road to Mandalay

To Steer Clear of Economic Woes, the U.S. Needs Infrastructure Repairs

America’s infrastructure is headed down a bumpy road, and unless the country takes drastic action to fix its ailing transport, water, and other infrastructure systems, it might well wind up with the types of struggles I’ve witnessed recently in Myanmar.

I am here in Myanmar teaching an international business class. After the gloom and doom of the rancorous U.S. election, spending winter break in a beautiful place where everyone is looking towards a brighter future is refreshing. At UCLA Anderson, we offer these classes to our MBA students as …

Don’t You Dare Speak Ill of Thailand’s King

Even a Facebook Joke About the Monarch, Entering His Eighth Decade of Rule, Could Send You to Prison for Decades

Since the military coup of 2006, the Thai government has prosecuted hundreds of Thai citizens who made comments about the monarchy, under the authority of Thailand’s lèse-majesté laws. The sentences …