How Can a Society Apologize?

A Rabbi Asks Whether America Can Bridge ‘the Sea of Society and the River of Time’ to Atone for Its Sins

The Biblical story of the Gibeonites rarely makes it into the classroom of a Sunday School or Hebrew school, but the tale has much to say to 21st-century Americans.

The Gibeonites, a Canaanite group, forged a pact with the Israelites when the Israelites were conquering the land—but, after a series of twists and turns, wound up their permanent servants. The Gibeonites became “hewers of wood and drawers of water for the House of my God,” according to the book of Joshua.

The arrangement persisted for a few hundred years, until Saul became …

Germans Need to Understand that the Refugee Crisis Is Not About Them

The Desire to Atone is Admirable, but It Isn't the Same as Real Empathy

There are two types of people in Germany right now: refugees and people talking about refugees. Recently a friend of mine was telling a group of us about his volunteer …