Will the Boston Bomber Be Tried by a Jury of His Peers?

Selecting Fair-Minded Jurors Is Always Complicated. For a Raw, High-Profile Case Like This One, It’s Nearly Impossible.

With a jury pool the size of a small town, a questionnaire of nearly 100 questions, and an accused mass murderer’s life in the balance, the jury selection in the first Boston Marathon bombing case has consumed more time than the vast majority of trials do from start to finish. Jury selection started January 5, and the scheduled trial start date of January 26 has come and gone. After more than six weeks, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the judge are still trying to cobble together a group of jurors who …

My Dirty Tsarnaev-Tracking Friday

I Spent All Day At My Computer Clicking “Refresh.” Never Again.

The Saturday before last, after a day-long car chase and shootout of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers had concluded, I woke up with a Twitter/news hangover.

On Friday, I had checked …