Welcome to the Affluent Central Coast, California’s Child Poverty Capital

How the Rising Cost of Living and, Paradoxically, the Availability of Jobs Are Tough on Families

Californians used to envy residents of our beautiful, wine-and-wealth-drenched Central Coast. Now we have reason to pity them.

And not just because Nicole Kidman has thrown her star power into producing a TV series based on the premise that Monterey’s women might be murderers.

The past year has brought one calamity after another. Last summer’s Soberanes Fire burned a vast swath around Big Sur for 83 days, fouling the region’s air and becoming the most expensive wildfire to suppress in U.S. history. Central Coast communities suffered some of the most severe water …

The California Dream Has Become the California Struggle

Today’s Golden State Feels Like the Island in ‘Survivor,’ Says Zócalo’s Joe Mathews

What is the historic “California dream”—the one people still talk about today? How does California’s 21st-century reality differ from that dream? And what is the California dream of today and …

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Veterans

Ask How We Can Get More of Them To California

Should California recruit more military veterans to move here?

If that question seems ridiculous, it’s only because we have some mistaken ideas about both California and veterans.

The first common but incorrect …