How the 1990s Made L.A. a Cultural Engine

At “Were the ’90s L.A.’s Golden Age?”, a Zócalo/Museum of Contemporary Art event, MOCA’s chief curator, Helen Molesworth, explained how the 1990s transformed Los Angeles into a major force in contemporary art and music. From NWA’s Straight Outta Compton (which dropped in 1988) to Catherine Opie’s Freeways, the 1990s was full of cultural landmarks that were uniquely Southern Californian and made a national impact.

Elizabeth Taylor Never Appeared in Her Final, Most Intimate Portrait

To Capture the Heart of a Hollywood Legend, Catherine Opie Turned Her Camera Toward the Actress’ Home, Chanel Shoes, and Kitchen Table

When they hear the word “portrait,” most people assume they’ll see an image of a human figure. Catherine Opie’s new collection of photographs, 700 Nimes Road, doesn’t quite answer that …