What Syrian Refugees Offer the West

Having Ignored Syria's Plight for so Long, Europe Has One Last Opportunity to Care

She came from a safe city, at least by Syrian standards. Tartus is a government stronghold and home to a Russian naval base. Unlike in Aleppo, Homs, and Idlib, the regime hadn’t dropped barrel bombs; rebel shelling was rare. But as the years wore on, Syria’s war came closer, and 28-year-old Rawia’s life was filled with fear and uncertainty. When would she next eat? Would pro-regime gangs on the street decide she looked suspect?

One day not long ago, Rawia became one of the millions of Syrians who decided it …

Living Thailand’s Turmoil from Los Angeles

How My Family Stays Connected to the Political Crisis in Our Homeland

As you may have seen in the news, political strife in Thailand has reached a boiling point again. In the capital, Bangkok, hundreds of thousands of people recently took to …

You Can Find Iran in Malibu

An Object the Size of a Corncob—the Cyrus Cylinder—Has Transfixed Iranians in L.A.

Iranians have a strong love for their country and sense of pride in their heritage and more than 2,500 years of recorded history. Parents instill these feelings in their children …