Architect Alice Kimm

A Wannabe Snoop Who Gets Her Best Ideas in the Bathtub

Architect Alice Kimm, of John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects, is Chair of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Practice at USC’s School of Architecture. Before participating in a panel on whether downtown L.A. will ever work, she explained in the Zócalo green room that she would never want to read minds, but she would love to have X-ray vision—to see what people are hiding in their pockets.

Downtown L.A. Has Arrived, Believe It or Not

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Is Downtown Finally Looking Up?

What Would It Take For Los Angeles To Have a Downtown That’s Considered World-Class?


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Downtown Reborn?

Yes, We’ve Been Burned Before, But I Have Grand Hopes For Our New Park

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Burying the Hatchet With Day Laborers

How I Learned to Love the Men Outside My Starbucks

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