L.A.’s 2013 Mayoral Candidates

Zócalo Gets Personal With Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel

Either city councilman Eric Garcetti and city controller Wendy Greuel will be L.A.’s next mayor. We heard everything they had to say on education and economy at our live debate moderated by KCRW’s Warren Olney, but in the Zócalo green room we had more pressing and in-depth topics to discuss:

Find out what animal fills Eric Garcetti with terror and the most bruising campaign he’s ever experienced (hint: it wasn’t this one) here.

Find out how Wendy Greuel would defend herself from a SoCal zombie apocalypse and the biggest surprises from her …

Greuel v. Garcetti

A Live Mayoral Debate Moderated by KCRW’s Warren Olney

With two weeks before the runoff election for mayor of Los Angeles, candidates Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel sought to distinguish their positions and records from each other in a …

I’m Dreaming of Our Next Mayor

What Would Your Ideal Mayor Say to Los Angeles?

The candidates for mayor of Los Angeles have had ample opportunity to address the city throughout the primary race and the runoff. But have they said what Angelenos want—and perhaps …

One Man, Two Votes—Why Not?

L.A. Asked Me To Vote In Its Mayoral Election. Sure, It’s Illegal, But It’s Also a Good Idea.

When a politically minded friend recently told me he was voting for Kevin James for mayor of Los Angeles, I told him I’d have to call the police.

I have nothing …

Five Ways To Keep Your Vote From Being Wasted

Don’t Be Among Those Perfectly Intelligent People Who Make Surprising Technical Errors

Several years ago, the University of the Pacific, in Stockton, California assembled researchers from different departments to look into the business of voting in depth. After four years of work, …

Wake Up, Election Reformers

Why California’s New Primary System Failed to Draw A Crowd

I like to vote late in the day at my local precinct in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset, a middle-class neighborhood. Those few moments before the polls close give me the …